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What’s Next For The LA Lakers?

With the NCAA basketball season ending and the NBA basketball season in its home stretch, basketball fans are already making predictions for the next season. Once March Madness is complete and the 2014 NBA draft lineup is set, NBA general managers are starting to decide who will make the cut for the next season. Some existing NBA contracts will be renewed while others will be traded. In addition to existing NBA players being signed, new players will also be picked up from college teams.
With their current win versus loss ratio, the L.A. Lakers are hoping to use the NBA Draft in order to sign some new players. Since the L.A. Lakers will have a lottery pick for the 2014 NBA Draft, the team should be able to pick up talent that will improve the team. This is good news since there are a lot of potentially great players ready to start their professional basketball career. In addition to signing some top picks from the 2014 NBA Draft, the L.A. Lakers are also hoping to sign some free agents. A few strong players have contracts that will expire after the 2013-2014 season and the L.A. Lakers are interested in offering these players contracts. By signing strong draft picks and free agents, the L.A. Lakers should have a great 2014-2015 season.

What's Next for the LA Lakers

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