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Things to Come for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2012

As one of the most famous and profitable franchises in professional sports, the Los Angeles Lakers are really looking forward to seeing the NBA lockout end soon. After getting swept by the eventual champions Dallas Mavericks in last years playoffs, it seems like the “Black Mamba” is as motivated as he has ever been in his career. Though, there have been talks about Kobe playing overseas, it seems like fans should hold onto their tickets as talks of the NBA lockout ending sometime in November surfaces.

Major Change

As the team deals with the retirement of NBA legend Phil Jackson, it seems like fans are a little doubtful about what Mike Brown can do for this team. The Lakers hopefuls are sure that the talent of the players will be enough to take them back to the playoffs. Mike Brown was the Cleveland Cavaliers coach for 5 years and he definitely knows what it takes to coach a superstar when he was coaching LeBron James. Kobe Bryant and LeBron are two different types of players and the organization is excited to see how well Brown can handle this group of talent.

Notable Players for 2012

There are several players returning from last year to join Kobe Bryant on their 2012 campaign. Co-captain Derek Fisher will be one of the main guys to focus on next year as he is one of the smartest veteran point guards in the league. Many fans will say that Derek Fisher will follow the lead of other NBA point guards and will most likely be a head coach sometime in the future. With great young talent down low, Andrew Bynum will try to bounce back from several injuries. Andrew Bynum is definitely the future for this team and the 7’0 center from New Jersey is beginning to mature and will be one of the best centers in the league next year. With veteran center Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum will not be too pressured to have to score and will just be used as a legitimate shot blocker and presence down low.

What to expect in 2012

The Lakers have been able to establish the organization as a team that expects to win the Championship every year. Lakers tickets are the one thing you could expect to be sold out to every event they host around the world. Just like the New York Yankees in baseball and the New England Patriots in football, they are expected to win the championship every year. With role players like Metta World Peace and Lamar Odom, it seems as if the supporting cast is strong enough for them to finally get back into the NBA finals next year. Though Phil Jackson will not be on the sidelines calling the shots, it seems like they are still one of the favorites to win the NBA Championship next year. The West is continuing to get stronger with Oklahoma City and Dallas as two of the stronger teams in the west, it will be a fun season in the West as players like Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzi and Kevin Durant battle it out for NBA supremacy.