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Possible Coaching Candidates

The Next Coach for the LA Lakers

The LA Lakers are bound to have a great 2014 season due to the changes the team is making. Not only have the LA Lakers picked up some great players through the NBA draft and through trades, the LA Lakers are also hoping to find a coach that can take the team far.

Currently, the LA Lakers are searching for the perfect coach to take the helm for the 2014 season. There are many candidates they are considering, all of whom have something special to offer the team. One of the best candidates the Lakers are considering is Lionel Hollins. This candidate has the leadership skills needed to take the Lakers to the next level, but the team might miss out on this great candidate since he is also interviewing in Cleveland. If Lionel Hollins is not an option, then the next best candidate is Byron Scott. This candidate is actually an ex-player for the LA Lakers, making him a fan favorite. Byron Scott has already won the Coach of the Year award, proving that he knows how to coach a team to success.

Although these top two candidates would be ideal to take over the coaching position for the LA Lakers, there are other candidates being considered. If you’ve been following the changes being made by the Lakers, continue reading the following infographic and learn more about all of the candidates being considered for the coaching job.

Possible Coaching Candidates

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