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2015-2016 La Lakers finally have some pieces to compete

Well, its only taken two years. The Los Angeles Lakers have assembled a team, barring injury, which is a big hope, that can compete with the rest of the NBA. The biggest boost is the return of superstar Kobe Bryant. Can he stay healthy? At the point he got hurt last season, Kobe was playing … read more

2014-15 Game Predictions

LA Lakers 2014-15 Game Predictions   Another basketball season is about to start, and it’s something to be excited about, especially if you’re an LA Lakers fan! After the most recent draft rounds and changes for the team, the LA Lakers are set for an exciting season. This team will face off against old rivalries, … read more

Possible Coaching Candidates

The Next Coach for the LA Lakers The LA Lakers are bound to have a great 2014 season due to the changes the team is making. Not only have the LA Lakers picked up some great players through the NBA draft and through trades, the LA Lakers are also hoping to find a coach that … read more

What’s Next For The LA Lakers?

With the NCAA basketball season ending and the NBA basketball season in its home stretch, basketball fans are already making predictions for the next season. Once March Madness is complete and the 2014 NBA draft lineup is set, NBA general managers are starting to decide who will make the cut for the next season. Some … read more