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2014-15 Game Predictions

LA Lakers 2014-15 Game Predictions


Another basketball season is about to start, and it’s something to be excited about, especially if you’re an LA Lakers fan! After the most recent draft rounds and changes for the team, the LA Lakers are set for an exciting season. This team will face off against old rivalries, all with the hope of bringing home those wins.

This season, you can expect to see the LA Lakers play against a quite a few rival teams. These games are sure to be exciting, especially against the Houston Rockets on October 28th. This game is predicted to be the most exciting game of the season, since they’ll be facing “the Dwightmare” on their opening night. In addition to this exciting game, the LA Lakers are set to play the Clippers on October 31st in a heated battle for Los Angeles. The season will continue with games against such teams as the Spurs, the Chicago Bulls, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Boston Celtics. Lakers fans can look forward to each of these games as the season progress.

Want to know more about these exciting games? Check out these game predictions for the LA Lakers 2014-15 season.


 2014-15 Game Predictions

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