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Los Angeles Lakers 2011-12 Schedule

If the 2012 NBA season somehow resolves the lockout problem, it seems like the Los Angeles Lakers’ will have one of the more exciting schedules to follow this year. As Staples center continues to be one of the most exciting venues in the NBA, Kobe Bryant and company will be ready to take on any team that comes through their home court. They will try and redeem themselves after the second round sweep that the Dallas Mavericks handed them last year. So as the team gets ready for the 2012 season, here are a few games that you simply cannot miss.

December 25 vs Chicago Bulls @ Staples Center

As the NBA’s Christmas gift to the fans, two of the best players in the league will go head to head in a rivalry that reminds fans of the Magic Johnson vs Michael Jordan days. As Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose take center stage in front of millions of fans around the country watching on ABC, it seems like this could be a possible 2012 NBA finals match-up.

January 6 vs Golden State Warriors @ Staples Center

With one of the more exciting California rivalries, the Warriors seem to always give them a run for their money every year. These two teams will always put on a good show and though the Warriors are not one of the top teams in the league, players like Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis definitely make them a threat.

January 16 vs Dallas Mavericks @ Staples Center

As arguably one of the most anticipated games of the year, the Dallas Mavericks come to town to relive last years second round playoff sweep. The two top teams in the West will battle it out and most analysts are looking at these two teams to meet again in the playoffs next year. If the Laker forwards are able to contain Dirk Nowitzi, this might be one of the closest games of the year.

February 3 vs Orlando Magic @ Staples Center

When Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic visit the LA, it will be one of the more intense games of the season. As one of the best teams in the East, the Magic definitely like to test their talents against the best in the West to help them get ready for the Finals if they do make it. Expect this game to be very aggressive with a playoff atmosphere. The game will be featured on ESPN and fans from all over the country will be able to watch this match-up.

March 4 vs Miami Heat @ Staples Center

This 12:30pm “All Star Game” will be featured on ABC and this is quite possibly the only game that might be a “must watch” this year. The game features two of the decade’s best players in Kobe Bryant and LeBron James and these two teams are definitely the favorites for their respective conferences.

March 11 vs Boston Celtics @ Staples Center

As the most exciting rivalry in the NBA, the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers definitely have a history that cannot be seen anywhere else in sports. With Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, the Celtics continue to be one of the better teams in the East and this too can be a possible match-up in the 2012 NBA finals. Make sure you buy your Lakers tickets early for this match-up because it sure to sell out quick.

This season will be very thrilling and it seems like there really is no game that you should miss because the league’s best player will be in attendance during every game. Whether you’re a Laker fan or not, you definitely have to admit that they are a fun team to watch.